Fine Violins

Lisle Violin Shop features many fine instruments and bows at our shops.  From instruments made by our three violinmakers to fine consignments, we want to help you find that one instrument or bow that resonates with you.  Our stock of fine instruments changes rapidly. Please call us to check for new acquisitions.


Violins - $10,000 and Above 

    Joel A. Shewchuk - Phoenix, AZ 2021 LOB -355mm, 121-3905

    Ernst Heinrich Roth - Germany 1923 LOB - 356mm, 000-1242C

    Wojciech Topa - Poland 2019 LOB - 355mm, LVS-0013

    Dorian Barnes - Houston, TX 2020 LOB 355mm, 121-3792

    Labeled as Chenantais & Le-Lyonnais No. 82 -  Nantes, France 1926, 119-1110

    Gregor Bobak - Poland, Received in 2014 LOB 355mm, LVS-0001


Violins - $5000 to $9999 

    Cristiano Ferrazzi Workshop - Verona, Italy #115630 2019 LOB 355mm, 119-2379

    Andrezej Swietlinski - Nowy Targ, Poland #115510 2019  LOB 358mm, 119-1116

    Luca Ruggiero - Certificate of Authenticity Included Tuscany, Italy 2018 LOB 356mm, 118-3738

    Danny Fallon - Houston, TX 2015 LOB 356mm, 000-1152C  

    Labeled as Theodor Kreutzer - Markneukirchen, Germany 1929 000-1216C 

    Labeled as Gustav August Ficker - Markneukirchen, Germany 1929 000-1132C 


Violins - $2000 to $4999 

    Tomasz Kowalski Workshop Violin - Nowy Targ, Poland, 2020 LVS-0011

    Klaus Heffler Model 70/2   - Handmade in Germany   Call For Availability.

    Klaus Heffler Model 60/2   - Handmade in Germany  Call For Availability.

    J. Didelot Lutherie Lorraine - Restored by Wen Hua Wu.  - France, 117-2378  

     Lisle "European Collection" Violins

         Hand-finished by our resident luthiers using European materials. High quality workmanship at affordable prices. Call for Availability.        

    Ji Suo Xue JS1000 Violins - Xian, China 

         Made from aged maple and old-growth tone wood paired with master-level workmanship to produce a powerful, brilliant and focused sound.

    Mathias Hornsteiner, 1872- Mittenwald, Germany  2015  118-0118   

    johann Stephan Thurmhart- Strausbourg, Germany  1783  118-2733   

    LVS Limited Edition LC Cannone Model  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. with European wood. Call for Availability. 

    Consignment Violin Labeled "Mauro Scartabelli"  - 2009  000-1218C  

    Consignment Violin Labeled "Andreas Morelli Reproduction"  -   000-1220C  

    Jay Haide À L'ancienne "Special Model"  - El Cerrito, CA U.S.A. 2010  000-1175C  

    Ji Suo Xue JS900 Violins - Xian, China 

         Made from hand-selected materials paired with master-level workmanship to yield a rich and projecting tone.

    Labeled "Chunlin Wang"" - Beijing, China  2015  111-3309  

    LC Pannette Model  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. with European wood. Call for Availability. 

    Chicago School of Violinmaking #1392 C.B.T. Cook - Handmade in the U.S.A 2015 119-0085 

    Consignment Violin Labeled "Joannes Rota" - 000-1215C 

    Consignment Violin Labeled "David Techler" - 000-1199C 

    Antonio Rossi Model - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. 2018  118-0029 

    LC Ole Bull Model  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A.   Call For Availability.

    LeDuc Bench Copy  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. with European top material   Call for Availability.

    Kemp Bench Copy  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. with European top material 2017  Call for Availability.

    Revelle 700 Model  - Handmade in China and the U.S.A. Italian aged material 2017   Call for Availability.


Violins - 7/8 Size and Smaller

    3/4 Hiroshi Kono  - Tokyo, Japan 2009  000-1178C