Bass Bows

  • Glasser Fiberglass Bass Bow
    Glasser Fiberglass Bass Bow

    Glasser, the company that patented the world's first fiberglass bow, offers students a good alternative to inexpensive wood bows. Glasser fiberglass bows are more durable than cheaper wood bows and will not warp. This Standard Glasser bow features a half-lined bow frog with metal under-slide and an imitation three-part button. The Standard Glasser bow comes in a satin black finish with genuine unbleached white horsehair and a leatherette grip.

    Price: $108.00
  • Brazilwood Bass Bow
    Brazilwood Bass Bow

    Brazilwood bass bow featuring real horsehair with imitation whalebone winding, leather grip, and ebony frog with parisian eye.

    Price: $225.00
  • CS200 Braided Carbon Fiber Bass Bow
    CS200 Braided Carbon Fiber Bass Bow

    Black woven carbon fiber stick, fully-lined ebony frog with Parisian eye, thread/wire grip.

    Price: $295.00
  • Coda Revelation Bass Bow
    Coda Revelation Bass Bow

    A true workhorse, the CodaBow REVELATION is a robust design with a stout, full sound. Its precision square weave lends the bow stability on the string and quick initiation at the start of the strokes. A traditional design that will feel familiar in the hand, the CodaBow Revelation is preferred for orchestral performance. Available in French or German.

    Price: $755.00
  • Coda Infinity Bass Bow
    Coda Infinity Bass Bow

    True to its name, the CodaBow INFINITY offers limitless possibilities for musicians to explore. With ideal lightness, length, and balance, the bow allows players to toss off advanced techniques and strokes effortlessly while the breadth of hair produces a maximum sound. With the bow doing all the work, the CodaBow INFINITY is the clear favorite of soloists. Available in French or German.

    Price: $995.00