Bass Covers

  • Christopher Cordura Bass Cover
    Christopher Cordura Bass Cover

    Christopher cordura bass covers are available in black nylon fabric with foam padding, upper shoulder and lower bout have extra high density padding for added corner protection, YKK bigger zipper for easy pulling, multiple pockets, multiple handles, and bow holder for convenience; two backpack style shoulder straps included. This black fabric of double bass bag is extremely light, soft, durable and water-resistant.

    Price: $125.00
  • Bobelock Standard Bass Cover
    Bobelock Standard Bass Cover

    These soft, generously padded bass bags have been very popular for years and remain one of the best selling bass bags today. Fully padded with 1" foam, with lots of usable pockets, and covered in a nylon canvas cloth exterior, the Bobelock Standard Bass Cover offers an alternative to the larger hard cases in providing protection and lots of easy movement under normal use conditions. Great for players from beginning to professional level, weekend gigs, and short trips. Available Sizes with Dimensions and Weight: 4/4: Length 80", UB – 30", LB – 36", 10" thick at rib (9.5 lbs) 7/8: Length 74", UB – 24", LB – 29", 9" thick at rib (9 lbs) 3/4: Length 72", UB – 23", LB – 28", 9" thick at rib (9 lbs) 1/2: Length 65", UB – 22", LB – 27", 8" thick at rib (8.5 lbs)

    Price: $376.00